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Related post: Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2009 22:49:29 -0700 (PDT) From: Brian Stillwell Subject: Pussyboy Frat- Chapter 5Disclaimer: The following is an original work of fiction that contains graphic depictions of sexual activities and erotic abuse between males. Please leave now if you are offended by such material, or if you are under the age of 18, or if you live in a community where viewing or possessing adult material is illegal. Any resemblance to any individual, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters depicted herein are 18 years old or older.All rights are reserved by the author. Please download for personal use only. This story may not be posted to any other websites without the explicit permission of the author.Comments, feedback and suggestions welcome lolita hard porn pics and appreciated at Jason and Sebastian spent a good part of the day after their physical exams with Dr. Tanaka trying to comfort Orochi. The small Japanese student seemed very upset, not understanding what was going on and Jason couldn't blame him. Having only arrived in the United States the day before, he'd been thrown in with a bunch of strangers, stripped, douched, poked and prodded, measured, made to jerk off into a cup, and had lost what precious little body hair he had. He wasn't sure if this was something all fraternities did to their new members and he was very nervous about the upcoming initiation ceremonies. Jason didn't have any answers for him. "Don't worry dude," Kurt told Orochi at one point, stretching his arms above his head. He was laying on his bed, dressed only in cargo shorts, and the action made the chiseled muscles of his abs and shoulders even more defined. "My older brother was in a frat. He told me about his initiation. Maybe just a few swats with a paddle or having to do some lame-ass game, like picking up an olive with your butt cheeks and dropping it a glass of beer on the other side of the room. Maybe singing some drinking songs. It's nothing to worry about." Later, after dinner, Tyler had told Jason that he would come by the dormitory with the other big brothers from the junior class and preteen sex lolita movie escort the pledges to the initiation party that evening. The entire house would be assembled to watch the newbies become full-fledged brothers, as well as some specially invited house benefactors and guests. Like Karl had done after their physicals, Tyler told Jason that the freshmen should shower again in the small bathroom that had been set aside for the pledges. He didn't seem particularly top 50 lolitas sities surprised at anything that had happened during the physicals, including the loss of l naked lolitas y.o. their body hair. "It's for the party tonight," he explained easily, but when Jason pressed him for details, he again declined to answer. "Look, man," Tyler explained as they walked upstairs, "what does it matter? Tonight you'll become brothers of the frat forever, with all the rights, privileges and duties that come with that membership. In a few hours you'll join the brotherhood and everything will be clear." Although the pledge bathroom had a small, two person shower stall, Jason chose to loli preteen virgin gratis go last so that he could take his shower alone. He was still embarrassed about the lack of hair on his young dark lolita sites body, although his fellow pledges had all confirmed that it had happened to them too. As he showered, he noticed a few stray pubic hairs on his nutsack, penis and under his arms. He hoped that they were a good sign, but they too disappeared down the drain after a light soaping, leaving his body completely smooth. Jason finished his shower, wrapped a towel around his waist and walked down the hall to his room. When he got there, he found Orochi and Sebastian were sitting on one bed, practicing the Japanese student's English. Kurt and Eric were on another bed, reading sports magazines and Rodney was standing in front of the mirror, applying gel to his dark spikey hair and checking out his new hairless chest. Jason was surprised to see that none of them were dressed. All were either in their underwear or wrapped in white towels. He made a move towards his footlocker, but Rodney saw him and shook his head. "Don't bother lolitas young preeteen teasers man," he said. "Karl came by and told us not to bother getting dressed. Our big brothers are coming by in a bit and bringing our uniforms for the party." "Man, did you see all the cars in the driveway?" Eric asked, looking up from a magazine. "There are a couple of limos, some Porches, Jags, BMWs, even a couple of Ferraris! This could be a kick ass party!" Jason hadn't seen the cars, but he had heard the bustle of activity from downstairs that had been building all evening. Nervously, he sat at the edge of his bed, waiting with his roomies for the evening's ceremonies to begin. About five minutes later there was a knock at the door and the pledge's big brothers strode in to the room, led by Eric's big brother Matt. Matt was a junior from the mid-west, a typical corn-fed hunk, sandy blond hair and blue eyes and a sexy goatee. He had a well defined body with a deep brown tan. When he grinned, it was easy to picture him sitting on top a tractor somewhere, plowing a field in the midday sun with a blade of grass between his gleaming white teeth. He had a laid back, easy going attitude that suggested he was the kind of guy who made friends easily. "All right guys, here are your uniforms," he said as the other junior classmen started to pass out small piles of clothing. "This is real simple. This party is being held for two reasons; one, to introduce you to some of the house benefactors and VIPs and two, to initiate you guys into the house. The initiation ceremony starts around 10:00, so you'll have a couple of hours to mingle and mix. We'll be with you the entire evening. Help yourself to drinks, but don't get sloshed. Don't do anything to embarrass the house. There's a lot of money and power downstairs tonight and they all want to meet you, so don't screw it up! Once your uniforms are on, we'll head down." The 'uniform' was anything but modest. It consisted of a pair of silky white, onion-skin running shorts and a white tee-shirt that had been cut off just below where the nipples would be, exposing their stomachs. The word 'PLEDGE' was emblazoned in large, black letters on the front and back of the shirt, with a number behind it. Jason's lolitas mpg vibradores active read 97 and most of the other guys also had numbers in the mid-90's, although Sebastian's was a 78. A pair of sandals rounded out the outfit. Jason's shorts felt snug as he slid them up his smooth thighs and wiggled his hips back and forth to force them over his butt cheeks. He noticed a couple of the other guys having the same problem. "Come on pledges," Matt said heading for the door. "It's time to party!" The freshmen walked out of their dorm and into the hallway with their big brothers by their sides. From downstairs in the main hall they could already hear the sound of laughter and conversation. Rock music with a throbbing tempo reached their ears and the smell of expensive cologne and cigars penetrated their nostrils as they descended the stairs and crossed the entry hall. The lights of the main hall had been dimmed, but Jason could see that the room was packed with people. The chairs and sofas had all been loosely arranged to face in one direction, towards the head of the room, but weren't packed so closely together that it was inconvenient to walk. Jessie the cook had spent all afternoon preparing appetizers and h'orderves which now lined a long side table; cold shrimp, mini-beef wellingtons, crab cakes, smoked salmon, imported crackers and cookies, a variety of cheeses, fruits, and other finger foods. Another table was filled with an array of hard alcohols, numerous bottles of wine, buckets of ice and rows of sparkling glasses. Men were standing around, visiting in small groups with the sophomore and senior students, as well as with each other and the house supervisors. The supervisors were dressed again in shorts and tightly fitting polo shirts, as were the students. The guests were dressed in everything from expensive suits to jeans and polo shirts, although lolita preteen story sites most men were dressed in slacks and sports jackets. Jason did a quick estimate that there must have been about 40 guests in the room. As they entered the room, the conversation died off almost immediately. All eyes turned towards the guests of honor and their escorts. Walking into a party in this silly uniform was humiliating for Jason and he could see a couple of his fellow pledges also looking uncomfortable. He wanted to turn and go, but Tyler already pulling him forward and whispering in his ears and pointing out the various guests who were now staring at the pledges. "See that guy in the corner, in the gray suit? He runs one of the largest chains of retail stores on the west coast. And that guy, by the bar, he's the deputy mayor. And that young looking guy, talking to Karl? He retired last year at the age of 35 as a hedge fund manager with 30 million in the bank. The big black guy young lolitsas free vids on the sofa used to play pro football and now runs a bunch of auto dealerships. Come on I'll show you around." The first man they approached must have been in his mid-50's, with straight gray hair, thick glasses and a bit of a paunch to his stomach. He was about 6' feet tall, 230 pounds, and had the pale pallor of a man who didn't see the sun that often and was more comfortable behind a desk. He was impeccably dressed, however, in an expensive looking gray suit, neatly pressed. He had been talking to a man in his late 30's dressed in jeans and an untucked dress shirt. The younger man had a dark tan a sun bleached hair, suggesting he spent a lot of time outdoors. "Jason, this is Mr. Stiles and Mr. Markland," Tyler said, presenting his younger frat brother. The younger man smiled good naturedly and stuck out his loli russian girl nude hand. "Ken Markland, glad to meet you. You must be Jason Stillwell." "Uh, yeah that's right. How did you know?" "Don't look so surprised," Mr. Markland said, his eyes darting over Jason's uniform. "It's a very small incoming class. Besides, the frat distributes a booklet with pictures and all the details of the incoming freshmen classes." Nonetheless, Jason was surprised. "What kind of details?" he asked. top lolita 50 sites "Oh the usual," Mr. Stiles cut in, shaking Jason's hand. "Where you went to high school, grades, extra-curricular activities, that sort of thing. I can say that I've been a big supporter of this institution for many years and you'll be a welcome addition here. From what I understand you're a very intelligent and talented young man. And, as I can now see, very handsome. I'll be lolita zep ranchi bbs tracking your development with great interest." "Thanks," Jason replied, not knowing what else to say. The two men just smiled and patted him on the back, then wandered over to where Rodney was being introduced to a couple of athletic looking black guys. For the next two hours, Tyler led Jason around and introduced him to the house benefactors. Matt hadn't been kidding when he said that these men represented a lot of money and power. He met bankers, lawyers, doctors and judges. There were wealthy executives from a variety of industries and backgrounds, a couple of state senators, some senior military officers, even an action star from a popular TV series. It was an impressive and eclectic gathering young russian lolitas undress and soon Jason felt like a special guest of honor, even a little star struck. All of the guests seemed very polite and interested in him, although he could only visit with each one for a few minutes. Almost everyone glanced over his ridiculous pledge uniform, but nobody made any comments and Jason soon almost forgot about how silly he must look. At one point, he noticed that the guests all seemed to be writing something on small slips of paper and passing them to the house supervisors. As he watched, Marcus and Pedro each collected about a half dozen slips and then passed them on to Karl. He asked Tyler what they were. "Hmm? Oh, those? I'm not sure what those are," Tyler said evasively. "Listen, Jason, we're about to start the initiation and need to get everyone involved at the front of the room. Go and grab Matt and Eric would ya?" Jason nodded lolita 12 16yo tgp and walked carefully across the room to retrieve his fellow pledge. If he took too great a stride, the flimsy little shorts tended to ride up between his butt cheeks. He had discretely tried to pull them back down a couple of times already this evening. By the time Jason got to them, Eric was telling the story of how he arrived at the frat to Matt nude lolitaa free pictures and a large, white haired man who must have been in his early 60's wearing cowboy boots, a string tie and a Stetson hat. The man had a tan, weather-wrinkled face and calloused hands hentai young lolita footjob and was grinning from ear to ear as he listened to Eric. Jason caught the tail end 1000 pic loli bbs of the story he'd heard yesterday. " the guy decides to drop all charges! Can you believe it? I get to live here and go to college and he gets nothing!" The man in the Stetson laughed out loud with a large bellow that made his prominent gut shake and jiggle. "God damn, that IS funny," he said with a thick Texas drawl, his eyes moving discreetly over Eric's exposed midriff and tight running shorts. "And you've got no idea what they told him?" "Didn't get a chance to ask," Eric replied, taking a swig of his beer. "So what do you think so far?' the lolita young erotic porno man asked. "About the frat?" "So far so good, but this party is kind of lame. I mean, there aren't any chicks. Who ever heard of a frat party without chicks?" "But you're happy to be here, right?" the man pressed. "Sure, why not?," Eric said. "Free room and board, sweet digs. It's awesome. best lolita sites pics Besides, frat guys get laid all the time." With that, the man laughed again, even louder than before. "God damn son," he said, slapping Eric on the back as Matt just grinned, "you're right about that! You're going to be getting laid more than a two-dollar whore on pay day!" Eric was grinning as Jason tapped him on the shoulder and relayed Tyler's instructions that they should gather at the head of the room. As they made their way to the front, the sophomores, seniors and the guests had settled down in chairs and sofas around the room in anticipation of the upcoming events. Jason glanced at his fellow pledges, looking for clues on how to act. Orochi and Rodney seemed nervous too, while Eric and Kurt were trying to loli at als scan look cool and bored with the entire ceremony. They were convinced that this was some lame, trivial formality to get through. Only Sebastian seemed excited and eager to proceed. The lights had been dimmed even further, with the exception of where the pledges were gathering, giving the room a stage-like feel. All of the supervisors had also gathered at the front, standing about five feet apart from each other. The pledges were made to stand in between the row of supervisors with their backs to the assembled crowd. Jason took a place in the middle of the line, between Joe and Pedro. He thought lolita preview lolita paradise that Sebastian, Eric and Orochi were to his left and Kurt and Rodney were to his right. Karl's voice boomed out, instructing them to raise their arms to their sides. As they did, the supervisors on either side of them took hold of the student's wrists. Their muscular grips may have been welded in place. The pledges respective big brothers stood in front of them, winking and whispering words of encouragement. The music had been turned off and there was an electric current of anticipation running through the room. Jason stood there, wondering what he'd gotten himself into. Joe and Pedro were each holding on to his wrists, pictures of nude lolitas keeping his arms away from his body and straight out to his sides, and Tyler was in front of him telling him just to relax. The room was silent, waiting. After a moment or two, the doors at the front of the room opened, and a trim figure walked into the room with a confident stride, his dark grey suit neatly pressed and a large smile across his face. It was Mr. Grayson. ******** Jason recognized the hawk-nosed man and his rimless glasses immediately, although it had been months since they'd met in Coach Simmons' office. lolita bbs hidden pedo The assembled crowd of guests and students was going wild, clapping and cheering, stomping and whistling like Grayson was some sort of rock star. He walked around the line of pledges and supervisors with barely a glance to make sure everything was in order, taking up a place behind them and facing the crowd. He waited for the applause to die down a bit before beginning to speak. "Gentlemen, gentlemen," he said, sounding to Jason like a game show host. "Guests and students, thank you for that warm welcome. Let me take this opportunity to say thank you for joining us russian preteen lolitas tgp this evening as we welcome to our fraternity, another year's freshmen class!" At this, the room again broke into thunderous applause. Grayson let it go on for a few minutes before holding up his hands and continuing. "As you know, our mission is to identify special young men, train them to their full potential, and provide an environment where they can become who they were meant to be. We look for bright young men who have displayed a natural sense of curiosity, but just don't have it all figured out just yet. We also look for those who have embraced what they are and simply want to develop their talents even further, and yes, even those young men that just need to have their eyes open to a new way of thinking and to new experiences. Tonight, I am proud to announce that we have found six new students who meet these criteria. Over the next four years, they will be developed in ways they've never imagined, experience things they've never dreamed of. Tonight, six of you gentlemen, our most distinguished guests and supporters, will be asked to help us begin that process. Tonight, we alter the path of these young men's lives forever." The room erupted into cheers again. Jason was getting really nervous now, the fear of the unknown making his heart pound in his chest. He could hear Grayson continuing. "Many of you are frequent participants in this evening's ritual, and know how this is goes," Grayson continued. " You've had a chance to meet the pledges, and I think you'll agree that this will be an initiation to remember." Grayson walked down to the beginning of the line, where Sebastian was being held firmly between Marcus and Karl. The head supervisor handed Grayson a small piece of paper. "Thank you Karl," Grayson said. "Now gentlemen, I see that Karl has collected all of your bids, so let's not keep the suspense up any longer, shall we?" The crowd cheered, but quieted quickly as Grayson walked to one side and began to read off of the paper. "We start tonight's ceremonies with Sebastian Anderson, all the way from Pennsylvania, with an SR rating of 78!" Several of the men groaned or booed good naturedly as Mr. Grayson held up his hands and smiled. "Now, now gentlemen, that's okay, it just gives him a head start." teen russian galleries lolas At this, the crowd laughed and someone made a wolf whistle. "Mr. Anderson and his 78 go to....Mr. Dane! Congratulations sir!" Several things happened almost at once as the crowd again broke into cheers. Instantly, Sebastian's big brother reached up and snapped a thick black leather collar and its attached chain leash around the twink boy's neck, locking it in to place. Next, he reached towards Sebastian's shirt and with several quick jerks, ripped it in to shreds, the torn cloth falling to the floor. The thin white shorts met a similar fate, the scraps of material landing around Sebastian's feet. Then, the supervisors on either side of the willowy teen lifted his arms behind his back, causing him to bend over. His big brother pulled Sebastian's leash towards the floor, stepping on it when the head reached a desired height. Sebastian was bent over deeply, his bubble butt showing to the crowd, the smooth scrotum could be seen hanging in between. After a moment of silence as the crowd drank in the lewd display of the teen's ass, Sebastian wiggled his hips back and forth quickly, causing his buns to bounce playfully in front of everyone's eyes. With that, the crowd applauded and cheered loudly as Sebastian just grinned to himself. None of the other pledges could see around the supervisors still holding their wrists to view what was going on. All they knew was the sound of something tearing and then the cheers of the crowd. Grayson had already stepped down the line to the next pledge, and waited a moment for the noise of a room full of horny men to quiet down. "One of our top pledges tonight, Mr. Eric Rangle with russian nude lolita mpegs an SR rating of 96 goes to.....Mr. Williams, Mr. Terrence Williams, well done sir!" At first, Eric's competitive nature had made him grin when he learned that he had a higher SR rating than Sebastian. He didn't know what it meant, but it only mattered that he had a better score. His grin began to quickly fade as his big brother Matt repeated the same process that Sebastian had just endured. When the collar had been snapped around his neck, he thought it was a joke, but quickly began to realize something was wrong when he was roughly stripped naked. He began to react as the supervisors began to bend him over and Matt pulled his leash towards the floor. "Hey!" he said loudly and starting to struggle, "knock it off!" Eric tried to twist away but Karl, who was holding Eric's right wrist, had been looking forward to just this moment for the last several days. Finally, he could finally began dealing with the little shit and his attitude! Before Eric could get another word out, Karl reached down and slapped Puerto Rican across the face with the back of his hand hard enough to make the punk's head spin. Eric could taste a thin trickle of blood in his mouth. The blow left him too dazed to resist further and let himself be bent over deeply at the waist. The crowd was treated with the view of Eric's muscular ass. His arms were being held so high behind his back that he had to bend his knees and squat a bit to relieve the pressure on his shoulders, causing the crevice between the smooth globes to part teasingly for the crowd. The other pledges still couldn't see what was happening, but Grayson had already moved on. "Next," he called out, "Mr. Orochi Lee, with rating of 95 goes to....Mr. O'Connor!" Orochi, having come from a culture that valued modesty, soon found himself naked in front of a group for the second time in one day. He didn't know how to react. lolitas posing nude preteen He struggled meekly as he was collared, stripped and displayed, but he was no match for the muscular house supervisors holding him. "Another top pledge, Mr. Jason Stillwell with an SR rating of 97 goes to......Mr. Stiles! Mr. Stiles is the winner!" Tyler stepped forward and slipped the leather collar around Jason's neck, where it locked into place with a soft click. He started to tear Jason's flimsy uniform away, revealing his slim smooth body. Jason felt a sharp twinge of fear, and was embarrassed that it also resulted in a slight swelling of his penis. He bent over willingly, trying avoid the pain in his shoulders from having his arms lifted. He felt the blood rushing to his head as he looked down his body, past his dangling penis and balls to the grinning faces of the upside down crowd behind him. He closed his eyes, trying to avoid eye contact with anyone while in creampie loli pre under this position, retreating into the only modesty he had left. He listened to Mr. Grayson continue his presentation. "Next, Mr. Kurt Laurence, also with a rating of 95. The winner is.....Mr. Altman, Kent young lolitas picture sharing Altman! A fine trophy indeed sir!" "Finally, last but not least, Mr. Rodney Green with an SR rating of 93 goes to......Mr. Fenton, William Fenton! Congratulations!" "Gentlemen!" Mr. Grayson announced lolitas bbs ls rompl with a flourish of his hands. "I present to you, this year's freshmen class!" There was preteen lolita models google a loud burst of applauses, accompanied by cheers and whistles. It was quite the sight. Six sets of smooth teen asses, bent over in a row. Somewhere in the room, were six very lucky winners. When they cheers quieted down, Mr. Grayson continued. "All right men, you know the drill. Break em' in!!!" ******** Mr. Stiles rose up from the crowd, accepting a few best free lolitas bbs congratulatory slaps on the russian lolita sex pornnl back and handshakes from the other guests. He maneuvered his large frame thought the crowd to approach the pledges, who were all still bent over at the waist. 'Like a row of fruit, waiting to be plucked,' he thought to himself. He was a local business man, a successful stockbroker with a beautiful wife and two children. Few people knew that he occasionally liked to fuck submissive guys on the side, and this frat preteen lolita and top100 house was the perfect place to indulge his lusts for the firm flesh of a young man. His job was incredibly stressful and rather than take it out on his family, he decided to use these fags as an outlet for his abuse. Despite his success, he'd never had enough spare cash to make a successful bid on a virgin butt in the four years he'd been coming to these initiation parties. Now, after his father had passed away last year and left a small inheritance, he was determined to treat himself this one time. He'd been drawn to Jason's naturally innocent looks and lost-little-boy naiveté. The kid looked so vulnerable and submissive, Stiles knew that Jason would be the one he'd bid on. The instant that Grayson had announced him as the winner of the kid's cherry, his cock had begun to thicken and swell inside his slacks. He walked over to where Tyler and Joe were just letting Jason stand up again, and it made his cock stiffen even more to see the look of fear and confusion on the freshmen's face. Tyler was still holding Jason's leash. "How illegal underground lolita pics do you want him Sir?" he asked politely. "Over on the ottoman, on his back," Stiles said, indicating towards a thickly padded leather footstool in front of a large fireplace. Tyler and Joe pulled Jason over to the ottoman, their victim trebling and pulling vainly on his leash like a puppy trying to avoid a bath. Jason was no match for their strength and in no time at all, had been pushed down onto the firm leather surface on his back. His butt was off of the stool, his feet on the ground, but only for a moment. Joe and Tyler each took hold of one of his ankles and lifted preteen lolita videos his feet into videos angels girls lolitas the air, bending them backwards until his knees touched his shoulders. The position lifted his lower back and ass up in the air and left his tight pink pucker winking defenselessly to Stiles view. Tyler and Joe were standing behind Jason, each of them holding onto a wrist and a leg. Jason's head was against Joe's muscular thighs, forcing his chin to press against his chest. He could see his own equipment about eighteen inches from his face. His testicles drooped down little lolitas panty models towards his belly, the loose skin of the sack draped over the base of his penis, making it look even smaller. Beyond that, he could see the beginning of the now perfectly smooth valley of his ass. Beyond that, he could see Mr. Stiles approaching. Stiles had removed his clothing and was slowly stroking his cock as he walked up to the restrained boy who was looking up at him fearfully. His cock was a little over eight inches in length, the shaft five-inches in circumference and perfectly smooth except for one large vein running down the top-side. The dark purple mushroom head was prominently larger than the shaft, perfectly designed to wedge open a tight opening. Jason still couldn't believe that this was happening. He was convinced that this must be some sort of joke or prank until he saw the naked older man approaching him, his large erection bobbing in front of him. Then he knew it was real. "No, wait, please don't do this! Let me go, please!" he begged. Stiles didn't say anything, but Joe leaned down, so close that his squat nose was only inches from Jason's face and hissed angrily at him through clenched teeth. "Shut the fuck up...FAGGOT!!!" To Jason, the words were more powerful than any physical slap the muscle man could have delivered. With that one word, it all became perfectly clear; why he was here, what they thought of him, what they expected 100 non nude lolitas him to do, what they thought he was. He suddenly felt fear and shame, but was also confused to inexplicably feel a little thrilled at Joe's use of the word for some reason. Jason was trying to struggle and move his hips to avoid the imminent fucking, but it only made his ass wiggle and the small hole to flex seductively to Stiles view, making his cock grow even larger. russia sexy lolita pictures The anus was a light pink color that reminded Stiles of a tropical flower. Joe offered Stiles a tube of lube, which Stiles used to liberally grease his throbbing meat. Squeezing nude lolita bbs hussy a little more lube on to two fingers, he anointed Jason's tender virgin butthole and pushed some lube inside, careful not to open the hole too much. Squatting down, he lined the tip of his erection against the tight opening and began to apply pressure. Jason felt the warm, rubbery bluntness of the greased cockhead tapping at his backdoor, ready to enter whether it was invited or not. Instinctively, his muscles tried to tighten in defense, but lolita teen preteen russian the cock was pressing forward with a relentless determination. Stiles had spent a lot of time during the past several weeks deciding how he should treat the rare ass cherry he'd have the pleasure of popping, should he be lucky enough to win. He wanted it this to be a memorable experience and wanted Jason to remember it too. Ramming his dick in with one mighty thrust might cause him to cum too quickly. On the other hand, a slow, gentle probing wouldn't be much fun either. No, he had decided that a steady, relentless pressure would work best. Stiles could feel the tight sphincter muscles beginning to surrender and the tiny hole starting to dilate. It opened slowly, retreating and giving up its defenses a painful bit at a time. Every millimeter it gave up was quickly occupied by the invading meat. Something had to give. Suddenly, the final sphincter ring collapsed completely and the head of Stiles cherry popper broke through into the murky depths of Jason's bowels, the ring of muscles clamping down tightly on the shaft. Stiles and Jason both moaned, almost in unison. Stiles couldn't believe the sensations the virgin hole was giving. He'd never felt anything like it, anything so good. It ass was exquisite, so firm, tight, and fresh. He knew from experience that once the fat cockhead breached the anal ring, the shaft would sink in smoothly afterwards. Greedily, he pressed forward, eager to bathe his entire length in the warm, buttery folds that were tightly gripping and massaging his cockhead. Now breeched, the anus seemed to surrender slightly, sucking the cockshaft even more deeply inside. Jason had his teeth clenched, hissing in pain during the initial assault, but once Stiles cock began its plunge, he opened his mouth and let out a large groan. He felt the cock boring forward, exploring new depths. He tried to wiggle away, but it just seemed to facilitate his own fucking and drove his butt even further down on the penis. Finally, after what seemed like hours but could only have been less than a minute, Jason felt the warm feeling of the older man's hairy nuts pressed against his upturned asscrack. Now fully embedded, Stiles took a moment to enjoy the feeling of his cock being surrounded by the smooth warm lining of his virgin's rectum. He used his hairy chest to press his weight onto the back of Jason's legs, placing Jason's feet on either side of his head. Once he found his leverage, his hips began to drive his shaft back and forth through the clutching hole. Jason felt the shaft sliding in and out, gripped by his tight sphincter. He was really bawling now. He had thought the initial penetration had been painful, but it was nothing compared to what he was feeling now that Mr. Stiles had found his fuck-grove. The thrusts were fast and furious, designed to cause a bottom pain and deliver to a top the indescribably wonderful feelings that came from a man's cock pounding in and out of a tight, moist asshole. Stiles would pull his dick out until only the large head was left inside, gripped by the boy's sphincter muscles, then he would drive his dick all the way in with a powerful thrust. busty lolita non nude Tyler watched as Stiles hammered away at his little bro's ass. He remembered his own deflowering two years ago by a wealthy investment banker with a thick, uncut cock. The shock of what was about to happen, the futile struggle, the searing pain and the humiliation of the lolita pee in panties ultimate submission and surrender. His own asshole now twitched longingly at the memory. He leaned down towards Jason's ear and attempted to comfort him. "Relax Jason," he said soothingly. "It might hurt a little at first, but you'll get used to it. You're gonna get fucked no matter what, so you may as well try and relax and enjoy it." "Fuck that!" growled Stile jamming his cock into the unwilling ass again with a vicious thrust as he twisted Jason's nipples roughly between his fingers, crushing the tender nubs and making him scream again. "I paid good money for this cherry and I want to hear it go 'pop'' Go ahead and struggle kid, fight it! It makes your asshole tighter!" Jason moaned, trying to adjust to the new sensations of in his ass, as well as the humiliation of his position. Stiles was picking up the speed and intensity of his thrusts and the friction on Jason's delicate anal membranes was causing him a great deal of pain. That and the horrible feeling of fullness inside of him. He tried to struggle from Joe and Tyler's iron-like grips, but it was no use. Squinting through his tear filled eyes, he looked across the room for someone who could help him. Instead, he had to blink several times to believe what he was seeing. The rest of the large room looked like a scene out of an ancient Roman orgy. Everywhere he looked, the seniors and the sophomore frat brothers who were not actively engage in helping the supervisors with the pledges, were now naked and engaged in a litany of sex acts with the house guests. Because there were only twelve seniors and the sophomores and almost three times as many guests, each one was engaged in pleasuring multiple cocks. Jason could see Glenn, a thin sophomore with coal black hair, kneeling in front of three men. He could see Glenn's mouth stuffed with one engorged cock, while his fists steadily pumped the other two erections, which were also shiny with spit. The three men being serviced were naked from the waist down and were watching their cocksucker intently with their hands on their hips or folded across their chests, as if this was the most natural thing in the world. Next to them Jason could see a senior named Alan bouncing his ass up and down on the crotch of naked man laying on his back on the floor. The man was pinching Alan's nipples with one hand and slapping his firm ass with the other. Alan's head was twisted to one side, and he was sucking on another cock that had been offered to him. Behind him was Jarrod, another senior who was on his hands and knees being vigorously raped by a man in his mid 30's. Two other naked men were standing over Jarrod, stroking their erections and waiting their turns. Everywhere he looked he saw frat boys on their knees, bent over couches, sitting in laps, sucking cock, getting fucked, stroking dicks. Jason thought it was terrifying, bizarre, intense and fascinating all at the same time and he closed his eyes, trying to make it all go away. Mr. Grayson stood to one side, watching Jason's rape for a few minutes, quite pleased that the new student seemed to be showing Mr. Stiles a good time. These initiation ceremonies were always one of Grayson's favorite times of the school year. Many years ago, they'd been very different. There was no party, no crowds. The pledges were simply bid on via mail and delivered to the winners for some private one-on-one fucking, under the watchful eye of the house supervisors of course. Now it was understood that there were benefits associated with the shock value of a violent, public deflowering. It helped the new intake of students accept their eventual fate as cum slut bottom boys, breaking down any perceptions of propriety and modesty. That had been one of Dr. Tanaka's first recommendations when he arrived at the fraternity. Most of the new boys were crying with a mix of pain and humiliation as they began their irrevocable transformation into submissive pussyboys, but this was nothing new to the house staff or the invited guests. Five of the boys would leave the room tonight with newly christened asscunts , but some men in the room had witnessed the violent, degrading rape of dozens of teens over the years, cheering as they were turned out and their asses penetrated for the first time. Wanting to check on the other students, Grayson wandered over to where Mr. O'Connor was preparing to fuck Orochi. The look on the Asian's kid's face was a priceless mix of fear, pain and confusion. He had the misfortune to have Pedro as his supervisor this evening. The sadistic Mexican had forced the kid down on to his hands and knees, and then stepped on Orochi's small hands, trapping them between his heavy boots and the carpet. He then used his knees to trap the wailing Asian's head between his legs, further immobilizing him. Orochi's big brother was holding the Japanese kid's asscheeks apart, displaying his charms to Mr. O'Connor, who was naked on his knees behind the boy. Mr. Stiles was a tall man in his early 60s. It was easy to picture that he must have been handsome in his youth, and his once lolita nude pics 4free athletic body was still discernible under the layers of bulk that tend to come with age. He was pale and bald, his head covered in bumps and veins. His arms were still powerfully built and his hands were large. He'd been a patron of the frat house for over a decade, since a former business partner had referred him after the two of them found a common interest in hiring and abusing young male prostitutes in their spare time. That had been years ago. Now he simply came here because it was a low-key and convenient outlet for his urges. Japanese students were rare in the frat. O'Connor knew he was lucky and he also knew that Orochi, real amateur nude lolitas like most Asian kids, would have two small, perfect globes and for an ass. The thought of his large tool sliding between them was more tempting. When he'd gotten his auction book in the mail over the summer, he was excited to learn that one of the lots was a Japanese kid with a high probability of being a virgin. He'd made up his mind that he had to have the Jap punk's cherry, no matter what the price. Besides the excitement of a naturally smooth Asian butt to enjoy, he had his own reasons for wanting to make sure that the exchange student was his tonight. Almost 70 years ago, his grandfather had been killed in the Pacific during the second World War when his destroyer had been sunk by a Japanese sub, and his grandmother had never completely lolita preteen ru bbs recovered from the loss. The thought of taking some measure of revenge, even on an innocent teen, pedo lolitas free foto was too sweet to pass up. His grandfather had suffered unimaginable pain and suffering at the hands of a Japanese torpedo, and tonight he would return the favor with his own weapon. O'Connor pressed down hard on the base of Orochi's spine, making him arch his back and forcing him to lift his butt seductively. Then, squeezing the base of his shaft to make the flared head swell even more, he began to tease the 14 yo lolita biz Asian's sweet asshole with his cock. He would probe forward, then pulled back, easing his meat in a bit at a time. He wanted Orochi to think that maybe he'd show him some mercy as he felt the tight narrow channel yielded to the passage of his cock. 'Yeah you little Jap bitch,' he thought to himself driving his cock forward again. 'About as much mercy as my grandfather got'. O'Connor worked his way into the gooey softness of the lolita xxx pic galleries boy's innards until his erection was fully hidden in the ass, the sensitive knob boring into the deepest recesses of the boy's guts. He paused to savor the sensations for a moment. Jesus the kid was tight! He thrilled in the torment and embarrassment that dark lolita teen young the kid was suffering and pressed forward, making sure that the punk felt every millimeter that he had to offer. Then for good measure, he slapped his open hands across Orochi's small ass, leaving flaming red hand prints across the cheeks. Orochi was babbling in Japanese, tears running down his face. He'd never had anything up his butt before, was lolitta girls com nude never even curious about it. He didn't understand why they were doing this to him, why he was here, why his father had sent him here. He just wanted the anal invasion to stop, just wanted to go home. Now that Orochi was Impaled on the column of flesh in his ass and wasn't going anywhere, Pedro moved off of the kid's fingers and stood to one side. In one hand he held the freshmen's leash and used the other to massage the growing outline of his own nine inches, young lolitas anal raped growing down the leg of his slacks. O'Connor was beginning his fuck now and Pedro's gaze fixated on the pained look on Orochi's face as the cock began to ravage it's new territory, rearranging the depths of the pledge's bowels to accommodate the girth. Pedro started muttering to himself as he felt his own erection began to drip precum as lolitas nude photos com he watched the kid suffer. "Bien caliente," he said, giggling to himself in pleasure. "Mereces que te joda! You like that don't you little pussyboy? Te duele? It hurts? Bein! Si, fuck the little ramera Senor!" O'Connor was enjoying the friction that the springy hole was giving to his cock. The ass was so tight that a thin, pink inner-membrane gripped the cock as it drew back, as if clutching it and begging for more. Every time the young Asian began to move forward to relieve the pain in his dilated sphincter, the man fucking him would grab nn lolita preteen art him by his slip hips and slam him back onto his turgid prick, conquering his warm rectum all over again. Deciding that Orochi was in good hands with Mr. O'Connor, Grayson walked across the room to where Eric was enduring his own ordeal. After his head had stopped spinning from Karl's slap, Eric had been straightened up and pulled by his leash over to a high table. Karl and Matt wrestled the freshmen in to position, bending him over the table and displaying his butt to the crowd. Eric's collar was fastened to two eyebolts on the top of the table on either side of his neck, securing him in place. His legs were spread wide apart and his ankles were tied to the legs of the table, allowing his uncut dick and hairless scrotum to swing free in the air for the crowd's amusement. His hands were cuffed behind his back, and a short piece of chain connected the cuffs to the back of his collar, keeping his hands out of the way. A thick leather belt tied across his lower back and secured to the table ensured he could only move a few centimeters in any direction. He was vainly struggling and cursing as his soon-to-be rapist stepped up to claim his prize. Terrence Williams was a 6'1", 215 pound black man with a classic V shape to his torso. He had been a former NFL running back, before a knee injury had ended his career after only two seasons. But he'd been careful with his money and now ran a large chain of car dealerships in free lolita rape videos and around Atlanta. He still exercised obsessively and his body had maintained its powerful athletic stature. A regular attendee of these functions, he'd had a difficult time choosing which virgin ass to bid on that evening. He was torn between Kurt's incredible good looks and Eric's arrogant jock swagger. Eventually he settled on Eric. He liked his bitches bent over so he could take them from behind, a position that largely negated the benefits of Kurt's attractiveness. Besides, he liked the idea of knocking Eric down a couple of pegs and lolitas teens xxx videos fucking Puerto Rican machismo right out of him. After Eric had been secured to the table like an offering on an altar, Terrence walked up to his prey slowly, circling like a shark. He took a moment to squat down and get a close up look of his victim's butt, running his hands over Eric's legs and thighs, and admiring fire lolitass com off the smooth melons. The ball player's ass was a round bubble of warm Latin flesh, separated by a deep cleft that Terrence now pried apart to find the small hidden treasure within. He could see it nestled there, puckering at him teasingly. He stretched the firm cheeks preteen lolita paysites galleries apart to the point that the small orifice began to dilate, before instinctively winking close onto itself, shrinking underage gallery girls lolitas back into its protective tightness. Terrence ran one of his large fingers over the wrinkled opening and down the kid's scrotum, following the seam of the sack. The hole was a dark brown color, tight and mysterious. It made Terrence's mouth water. Prying the cheeks apart preteen model lolita pussy even further, he leaned forward and stuck out his tongue, ready to rim the virgin portal and get it ready for penetration. He didn't get that far. As he felt the large black man's breath on his exposed ass, Eric reacted. "Get the fuck off of me you fucking homo!!" he shouted, wiggling as much as his bounds allowed. Insults were his only remaining defense. "Don't fucking touch me, you god damn queer!!" underage preteen lolita porn Although Eric couldn't see it, Terrence just shook his head and stood up. He'd been prepared to start gently, but not after being insulted. Now, this was going to be a grudge fuck. "Big mistake punk," he said, unzipping his slacks. "Big, BIG mistake." Terrence's cock was a uniform six inches in circumference, but tapered slightly in at the base, giving it the general contours of a large butt plug. The head of the meat got hung up for a second in the waistband of his boxers as he pulled them down, but quickly sprang free to bounce off his lower abs with a soft slapping noise. Precum was already beginning to form between the pouting cocklips. The erection rose lolita models preteen virgins up out of trimmed patch of curly black hairs, steel hard and almost ten inches of impending pain. It was almost perfectly straight except for the mushroom head, which seemed to have a slight upward curve, making it look like a snake sensing a meal nearby. A pair of large balls swung in a loosely hanging sack beneath his ass-buster. The cock was a shade darker than the rest of Terrence's already dark skin, except for the head and circumcision scar, which were dark purple color. He was completely capable and comfortable of using his equipment as a weapon to strike fear and inflict pain on a helpless bottom. It was lucky the kid was tied down. Most of his sex partners, women and men, tried to struggle and get away when his meat forced its way into their bodies, although they all liked it in the end. He secretly liked it when they resisted, but this was a party, and Terrence was in no mood to fight. After setting his pants and boxers to one side, Terrence hocked a wad of spit at Eric's hole, baptizing his trophy and smearing the saliva around with his cockhead. The action was enough to alert Eric to what was about to happen. "No, wait! What are you doing? Don't, please!" Terrence lined his meat up so that the head was pointing directly at the quivering anus. "It's just the way it is boy, just the way it is," he explained. Then, with nothing more to say, he took a deep breath and drove his cock into Eric's ass with one incredibly hard thrust until it was buried to hilt. Eric's scream was ear shattering. Without any preamble, Terrence began to fuck. Planting his hands on Eric's shoulders for leverage, he began to drive his under-lubricated cock in and out in a series of long, brutal thrusts. His nuts swung like miniature wrecking balls, slamming into Eric's own pouch with each thrust, making the kid involuntarily tighten up his ass even more. This only made Terrence more excited and he fucked the hole all the harder. It was a painful and violent cycle. Terrence looked down to see his meat as it pulled back. His cock was slick, black and glistening. The pain in his ass was like nothing that Eric had ever felt before. He sweated, top nude pre lolita swore and cursed, gritted his teeth, yelled and tried to kick, fight and scratch, pleaded for help, cried and begged for mercy, but nothing stopped the muscular black man little girl model lolly from riding his hunky butt at will. Worse, because the cock shaft tapered at the base, Eric found, to his shame, that it was more comfortable when it was embedded fully inside of him and his sphincter could find some relief from being stretched to capacity. He wailed loudly as black man's lemon size balls slammed into the back of his own nutsack like a battering ram every time he was subject to a long dicked thrust. The man in the Stetson had wandered over for a better view of the anal assault and the destruction of both Eric's cherry and his pride. He'd initially been upset on losing his bid for Eric's virginity, but his disappointment had been replaced by a growing horniness as underground lolita pic asian he watched the rape in front of him. "Yeah buddy, stick it to that little pussyboy!" he cheered Terrence on drunkenly. "Like we say lolita model preten top in the oil business 'Drill baby drill!!' You're getting laid now, aren't you, you little frat bastard?" Terrence just grunted and kept up his rhythm. His brow was sweaty, and drops would occasionally fall to land on the Latin's straining back. He would fuck as hard as he could for five minutes or so, then back off. Then he would slow down to an almost imperceptible speed, rotating his hips slowly and exploring all of Eric's warm, velvety innards. He would do this until the urge to cum had ebbed, and then he would start again. Terrence had paid good money for this sweet piece of ass and didn't want to cum too quickly. With breaks, he knew he could make this fuck last well over an hour. Eric was uttering a long constant groan that rose and fell with the tempo of the cock pistoning his hole, punctuated by an occasional scream when Terrence would plunge the shaft into the clutching bowels to the hilt. Matt stood to one side with a small video recorder, alternating filming between his little brother's tear streaked face and the dark weapon relentlessly pummeling his bowels. He was making sure to get all the best angles. Mr. Grayson had promised a copy of the tape for Eric's beating victim as part of the settlement and release agreement. Across the room, Stiles didn't know how much longer he could last. He'd been pistoning his cock in and out of Jason's ass for almost 30 minutes. The hole was starting to relax and open up, losing some of its tightness. 'Oh well,' Stiles though, 'it was to be expected.' He was still enjoying the look of pain and misery on Jason's face and was amused to see that his buttpunk was dripping a steady stream of precum from his cock onto lolita s little angels his belly , where it was running in tiny streams up towards his chest. Stiles leaned forward until his face was only a couple of inches away from the sobbing freshman. Not content to simply rape the little fag's asspussy, he wanted to rape his mind too. "You gonna cry for me?" he asked tauntingly. "Huh? Go on, cry for me. Cry like a little pussyboy. Cry you little faggot! That's it, that's what I like to hear. Let me see those tears. You like my big dick huh, free little lolita vids don't ya boy? You like my big dick turning your sweet ass into pussy, don't you? Feels so good with your hot young ass stretched around my big fuckin' cock! Where you going? I'm not done with you yet. Come on faggot, keep that ass tight!" Each stroke into the clutching anus made Jason moan, and he gasped loudly whenever the cock bottomed out. At first it was simply a gasp of pain, but through the fog of his fucking, Jason became aware of something else. At first, he noticed that the pain he had been feeling was slowly dissipating with every thrust, being replaced by an uncomfortable but tolerable feeling of fullness. Then he noticed that whenever Stiles was sunk completely inside him, his penis was hitting a spot that actually felt good. It was like an electric current and almost felt like he was having an orgasm, but one not centered in his penis. There was lolita boys archives pic a rising sensation centered somewhere deep inside him, giving him sensations he had never known before. The litany of dirty talk from Stiles was exciting him too. Suddenly, Jason moaned loudly and the people around him watched as his toes flexed in the air over the shoulders of his rapist. Before he knew what was happening, his cock betrayed him he was cumming tiny bbs lol preteen without touching himself or being touched. Unusually large amounts of sticky white cream were shooting out of his cock, spraying his chest and belly and running down his sides onto the leather ottoman. While Jason found the sensations intensely pleasurable, it was also highly embarrassing, but even more so when Stiles shared it with everyone. "Hey! Hey, he's cumming!" Stiles roared loudly to the room. "This bitch cumming!" Jason's ass went through a series of rhythmic contractions as he reached orgasm. It was too much for Stiles and his entire body stiffened as he cried out in ecstasy, his cock riding wave after wave of incredible contractions from the kid's bowels. He drove himself into Jason's ass to the hilt, enjoying a climax that seemed to last forever and involved muscle groups all over his body. He emptied a copious load up into the freshmen, coating his insides with liquid heat which Jason could feel, adding to his shame. Stiles collapsed forward onto Jason's body, teens bbs lol ls trying to catch his breath. As he underage little lolita models did, he placed his mouth next to Jason's ear. "You'll remember me little lolita young photo for a long time bitch," young naked lolita angel he whispered cruelly. "I'm the first one to fuck the cream right out of your little baby balls." Jason's face burned with the shame of the man's words. After a few moments, Stiles withdrew his shrinking cock with a soft plopping sound, its job now done. Cum, lube and ass juices covered the shaft and matted his pubes. As a final humiliation, he was tempted to make Jason lick his cock clean, but it was too early for that. Some of the new kids were likely to resist and bite unless the circumstances were closely controlled. No, better to let the frat train them on the proper way to please a cock with their lips and tongues before sampling Jason's mouth as well. Stiles got up and walked away to find one of the older pussy boys to lick his cock clean, already trying to figure out ways to get enough money together to ensure a win at next year's initiation auction. He didn't even look back as he walked away. Jason rolled over to one side and lay there in a stupor, too stunned to move. He wanted to cry, but felt all cried out. He was just glad it was over. His gaze fell across the lewd scenes playing around the room. To one side, he could see Rodney. The cute kid was being held up in the air pre teen lolita tube by his big brother and Marcus, their arms hooked under his knees as they lowered his butt onto the erection of a man lying on the floor on his back with his arms resting behind his head. The junior and the black supervisor worked in unison, bouncing Jason's moaning classmate up and down on the turgid cock. Although Jason couldn't see the actual penetration from where he was, the look of pain on Rodney's face left no doubt as to where the thick erection was disappearing. He looked over to one of the couches where a naked young man was kneeling in between the widely spread legs of one of the guests. The man had his eyes focused on his cocksucker's face and was using his hands on either sides of the student's head to establish a deep, steady rhythm. Next to him, Jason could see another stocky man, bald with a goatee and hairy chest. Another student was sitting on the man's lap, facing him. The younger man was bouncing smoothly up and down on the cock with his head thrown back in ecstasy. The bald man had his hands on the kid's butt and was leaning forward, chewing on the teen nipples in front of his face. A moment later, Jason realized that the student being fucked was Sebastian. Sure enough, he was wearing one of the leather collars and Karl was holding on to the leash with a look of approval on his face. Jason could also see one of the senior students on his knees In front of Karl, his head bobbing back and forth in front of the man's crotch. The sounds of ecstasy and pain filling the room were unlike anything Jason had ever heard before. Moans, grunts, screams, gagging, slurping, the my lolita hot model sound of balls slapping against butts and chins, the sounds of men climaxing, of cruel taunts and sexual commands. It was the sounds of male sex. From his vantage point, Jason could also see Orochi, still on his hands and knees, still being tormented by Mr. O'Connor. The older man now had hooked the index and middle fingers of each hand into Orochi's mouth on both sides between the cheeks and gums. He was using this grip for leverage, as if they were reins for the small exchange student. Orochi's face was a grimace young lolita bikini bbs of pain and shame, but O'Connor's fingers were forcing his mouth into a wide, ugly smile. Spit dripped from the freshmen's mouth onto the carpet below. "Say it," O'Connor commanded. "Say 'Me likey dickey'." "Me, me rikey dickey," Orochi panted out, his voice distorted by the thick fingers in his mouth. Stiles laughed. "Again. Louder!" "Me rikey dickey!" "Again! Louder! Don't stop you slant-eyed cum sponge!" "ME RIKEY DICKEY! ME RIKEY DICKEY! ME RIKEY DICKEY!" Orochi wailed loudly, not understanding all the words, but trying to appease the cruel man raping him. Pedro was still watching O'Connor violently burry his bone in the foreign student. russia preteen lollita xxx The sadistic Mexican was giggling incessantly to himself, enjoying the look of pain and defeat on Orochi's face. O'Connor also chuckled to himself, savoring the moment. 'Maybe, somewhere, granddad is enjoying this too,' he thought to himself. ******** For the next hour, Jason lay there, curled up in a fetal position with his eyes closed, trying make sense of it. He just wanted to leave, to get away from this awful place and pretend like none of this had ever happened. There must pree teen lolita girls have been some sort of mistake he thought. He would have to quit school. He could hitchhike back home and beg his stepfather to take him back in, maybe get a job with him at the packing plant. No one would ever know about what had just happened. No, wait! Mr. Grayson would tell Coach Simmons! The coach still had copies of his tapes with Peter and could give them to the police. He could run away, somewhere where they could never find him, but he didn't have any money. No, he couldn't see any way he'd be able leave anytime soon. Jason could feel the warm sperm leaking out of his loosened hole, dripping down onto the ottoman, but he didn't care. He was dimly aware of a big black man nearby talking to Mr. Grayson. He'd met him earlier. What was his name? Terrence something. He was congratulating Mr. Grayson on having a house full of the sweetest butts in town. Another man wanted to know when their mouths would be available for fucking. Occasionally, several men would approach him to examine his now defiled body. They would pinch his nipples or stroke his cock and weigh his balls in their hands and roll the smooth orbs between their fingers. Several pried the cheeks of his butt apart so that they could examine Jason's freshly fucked hole and probing a couple of fingers inside, sampling the tight prize they had been denied. None of them tried to fuck him. It was one of the few rules of the initiation parties. Years ago, the frat used to allow all of the guests to gangbang the virgins until the sun came up, but the damage to their tender free lola nude pic butt-pussies was simply lolita pay site list too great afterwards. It would take weeks to heal and the freshmen were largely out of commission during that time. Better to just let one lucky man pluck a freshmen's cherry. As the party wound down, Jason heard Mr. Grayson announce that it was time for the seniors and sophomores to go free litte lolita pics to bed. The juniors models angels virgins lolitas could stay up for another 15 minutes with their little brothers and help put them to bed. Jason watched as the upper classmen filed out of the room, still naked, saying goodnight to the guest